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2 Creative Ways to Engage Your Email Audience


Opening your inbox to find the same old marketing offers is boring and you’re not alone if every day starts with a quick email cleansing session where you don’t even read half of what you delete. Now, think about your customers and how they probably have the same routine. Are you doing anything to set your brand apart from the crowd? In the few short seconds when someone first sees your email, there needs to be an engagement. Without engagement, your emails are likely to find their way to the recycle bin rather quickly. Here are two ways to increase the engagement and get your email offers a better chance of turning into conversions.

The Special Deal
From millionaires to penny pinchers, everybody loves getting a good deal, so why not try an offer that gives your readers the feeling that they are VIPs. An example would be a product or service you sell that is about to get a price hike. By sending out an email that lets people know that the price is going to rise, they will feel like part of the inner circle and will be more compelled to act soon rather than continue to debate the purchasing decision.

Timed Credit
Also based on the idea of a limited time frame is the concept of offering a credit for purchases that will expire on a given date. Almost as much as people love to find a good deal, they hate to miss out on one. The timed credit offer is essentially the same as offering a coupon, but the difference is that the psychology of the former gives a person the feeling that they already own the credit and will lose it if it isn’t used. A typical email headline of this sort could read, “Your $50 credit is about to expire.”

Email marketing has certainly changed quite a bit over the years and we’ve made it our business to stay on top of the latest emerging trends. If you’re tired of seeing your click-through and conversion rates fall flat, let us help with your next email campaign.