3 Free Resources for Streamlined Business Blogging

By July 13, 2012Blogging

New online tools are coming and going all the time, but even though they’re all billed as the “next big thing,” many fall into obscurity only a few months after reaching the top. With your business blog, you would rather be producing content than spending all your time looking for and evaluating new technology. With that in mind, here are 3 of the top free resources that have already stood the online test of time and should be essential tools in your marketing efforts.

Keeping Up With the News
Searching for relevant breaking news in your industry can be a chore, especially if you’re relying on simple queries from Google or regular visits to important websites. The better way to stay up to date is to use an RSS program like Google Reader that delivers all the best industry-specific news and articles directly to you. To set it up, all you need to do is enter the websites that you would like to track and the RSS reader will do the rest and a visit to the site will show you all the latest news and articles that have been published on the web. Make sure to include a mix of authoritative websites and competitor blogs for a well-rounded information feed.

Legal Visual Content
Using pictures and other visual content is a must for any blog, but it can be hard to determine whether posting the photos and infographics you want to use violates some legal copyright. If you want to avoid problems with copyrights, then Creative Commons is the way to go. This search engine allows you to find visual content that creators don’t mind if you use. The engine is easy to navigate and you’ll never worry about receiving a nasty copyright email again. Best of all, it’s completely free!

Keyword Research
Last but not least, you absolutely need to know your keywords and again it’s Google’s tool that rises to the top. The Google Keyword Tool is considered the industry standard for finding the right long-tail keywords that you should be ranking for. In searching for keywords, it’s a good practice to try and go local, especially if your customer base is coming from a specific city or region. The keyword tool takes a little time to master, but you’ll see why it is so important in only a few minutes.

Need some help in learning how to use these 3 free tools? Let us be your guide. We’ve been using all 3 for years and consider ourselves to be true masters of each. We can also offer SEO and blog management services that can make things even easier for you.