3 Marketing Tricks to Keep Up Your Sleeve

Every seasoned marketer has their own bag of tricks when it comes to getting attention and you probably have a few tried and true methods of your own for when you want to engage your audience. If these techniques are starting to become old hat, it may be time to throw a couple new tricks into the mix. Sure, they walk the thin line between being gimmicky and genuine, but used sparingly they can give you a jump in traffic when it’s needed the most. Take a look at the following sure-fire head turners and see if you’re missing out on some easy marketing tactics.

Cute and Cuddly
When you’re adding visuals to your blog posts and other content, what kind of images are you using? The truth is that there are a few image topics that will automatically generate more hits. Adorable animals is one and a Google search for cute cat pics (nearly 60,000,000 results) shows just how popular these images are. Cute babies come in a close second with slightly less than 50,000,000 results. In either case, it’s important that your chosen picture is somewhat relevant to your subject, but even a tenuous connection will work.

Sex Appeal
A long time ago, marketers discovered that sex sells and this idea is just as present online as with any other medium. Throw a sexy picture (in good taste, of course) into your blog post and watch the hits keep on coming. Obviously, the secret about using this technique is in staying classy. You’re not looking for something crazy or over the top, but a simple sexy headshot can be more than enough to up the sexy quotient. Yeah, it’s a little bit of a dirty trick (pun intended), but it does work and could add a little bit of spice into an otherwise dry subject.

The Law of Big Numbers
No, we’re not talking about the probability theorem – we’re talking about a number with lots of zeros. Nothing grabs attention like a big number, especially when it’s dealing with money. There’s something about millions, billions, and gazillions that act like a magnet by attracting a reader’s eyes. Scan this article again and you’ll see what we’re talking about. Using the law of big numbers, make sure that your data is accurate and attributed to an authoritative source when necessary.

Are you tired of seeing your good content go unnoticed? There’s nothing wrong with adding a little spark to pique the interest of your readers. When you’re ready to get some more attention, try one of these marketing tricks or let us come up with a tailored solution for your business.