3 Secret Link Building Tactics - PointClick


The importance placed on getting inbound links is growing every day. As a direct result of their influence in page ranking, the fight for valuable links is heating up on a daily basis as well. What this means is that if you want to outshine your rivals, then you need to be using some creative thinking in your link building strategy. Fortunately, there are some strategies that have yet to be unearthed on a wide scale (although this post may not help your cause so much). Take a look at the following new ideas for link building and see if they could apply to your business.

Local Blogger Meetups
Any decent size community or city is bound to have plenty of bloggers. When they’re not hard at work on their blogs, they are often found at meetups where they can socialize with others in the same profession. Using the listings at meetup.com, you can find out where the next big blogging event will be and crash the party. Using your savvy networking skills, find bloggers in a similar industry as yours and convince them why writing about your company would be a good idea. With every one you convert, another inbound link will be headed your way.

Know Your Followers
While tons of people have their own websites and use Twitter, few actually embed their own tweets on their domain. A good way to get a couple easy links is to find Twitter users that have reposted your own tweets and kindly inform them of how easy it is to embed the tweets on their blog or other type of website. If they decide to take your suggestion to heart, an inbound link will be generated when the tweets are embedded.

Stalk Your Competition
Well, it’s not really stalking, but it is a little sneaky. There are tons of tools and sites that will tell you all the inbound links your competitors have. By looking through the list, you may find some directories you missed or industry blogs that you had not noticed before. This easy data mining can yield a ton of potential and allow you to capitalize on the labor of your competitors. Not a bad idea, right?

Above everything, remember that the quality of inbound links matters as well. So, don’t slave away to get a link on a blog that nobody reads. We have link building and other SEO services that can take your SEO game up a notch as well as your website ranking.