4 Reasons Your Website Traffic Is Down

Ranking at the top for your desired keywords right now doesn’t guarantee that you’ll stay there. Staying at the top requires regular maintenance and upkeep. Without this, it’s likely that you’ll start to slide and that coveted top spot will go to someone else. In our experience there are four reasons this most often happens (and four easy ways to fix it).

Light On Content

If you’re not in the top spot among your competitors, take a look at who is. They likely have a website full of high quality helpful content to attract and convert new customers. Not long ago, a few keywords in your page titles or URL was enough to keep you locked to the top without effort. Not so much anymore. Without content, your site has a short shelf-life. As more and more websites are created, and as competition increases, anyone that doesn’t have great content will fall lower and lower.

The good news is that this is a super easy and quick fix. Update your content, create more of it, create a solid marketing strategy (and follow it), and before you know it, your rankings will start climbing again.

External Links

Google analytics are always changing. What once worked in your favor can now hurt you – and external links are a perfect example. Several years ago, paid-for links helped websites score the top spot in SERP’s, but now Google has penalties for this. It’s called Black Hat SEO and it’s pretty harmful to your rankings but it’s also reversible. The solution is to disavow or remove these links ASAP.

Duplicate Content

High quality up-to-date content is king. Unless….. you have duplicate content. Google penalizes websites that have multiple pages with the same wording or that have content exactly matching another website. Copy and paste isn’t the way to do anything in life – especially your business website. It may take a little more time, but unique content on each page pays for itself by engaging your clients and potential customers.

New Content

Google has lots of preferences. One of them is for fresh content. They reward sites that consistently and regularly update their content. As Google itself said, ‘Creating good content pays off.’ We couldn’t agree more.

If you struggle with this, there is hope for you. A blog is the perfect way to push your rankings back up. Publish on your blog as often as possible with content that pulls in your readers and focuses on your company and industry. The name of this game is fresh, high-quality, frequent. Your readers (and Google) will thank you for it.