6 Tips For High Converting Landing Pages

By May 31, 2016Landing Pages

Your website is an important investment. Most of us want to see our investments pay dividends; we want to impact the bottom line. In terms of your website, one of the best places to convert users to buyers and potential customers to loyal clients is your landing pages.

This is a critical area for conversion focused content. You need to be an expert at saying a lot with just a few words. Whatever your goals might be, the real name of the game is conversion. You have to know how to leverage the full potential of your landing pages in order to convert users.

Chances are, you’re not one of the few who were born to be content marketers – so you’re going to want some help. There are free landing page services out there, like Spaces, that can help you – but it’s not really enough. You need to arm yourself with knowledge.

Here are six powerful but simple ways to turn your landing pages (*yawn*) into super fantastic conversion machines (*hooray*).


First learned in high school, the ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’ method never fails. Simplicity is what you’re aiming for with landing pages. Why beat around the bush when you’re trying to sell something? Plus, landing pages typically have less text than other pages, so the more direct you are, the more powerful. The experts at HubSpot agree, ‘Your most powerful writing skill is simplicity. Simplicity sells.’

Headlines That Kill

Anyone who reads the news by skimming knows how important a killer headline can be. It’s the first thing your readers are going to see and yet it’s the thing we spend only a couple of minutes on (at most). There’s a case study that shows that most of us read about 20% of what we see on the average web page.

That’s not really a lot.

And our eyes are going straight to the headlines and the sub-headlines. It’s rare that a reader will spend 20 minutes going through your page word by word. The fact that you got this far is amazing. So time and effort needs to be put into creating headlines that will hook people and keep them reading.

The takeaway here is to spend as much time on the headlines as on the rest of the text.

Focus on Benefits Not Features

In our experience, the biggest mistake that businesses make on their landing pages is to over-sell the product or service. The truth is that most readers aren’t that concerned with the product. They want to know how good the results are going to be. By thinking only about the product, you’re not giving your readers what they want and need. They want to know: ‘What can I expect to gain?
When your copy focuses on benefits, your readers get the sense that they’ve come to the right place, that you’re the expert, and that you can help them solve their problem.

Add a Human Touch

Let’s state the obvious here: You’re a human being and so are your potential customers. The goal of all your content (landing pages especially) is to connect with people emotionally. You know you’re good at what you do and that your products and services are top notch. But if your writing doesn’t resonate with your audience, all your expertise is not enough to consistently convert your readers.

We all want to connect with people, not businesses. So how do you write like a human? Write like you talk, use short and simple sentences, feel free to break grammar rules if it helps your flow, and avoid complicated industry speak or jargon. If all else fails, think about the last time you were a potential customer and remember what was good and not so good about that experience.

Customer Testimonials

This is another way to meet your potential customers’ expectations. A testimonial will tell people what you and your product are like. It’s motivating to read that people with similar concerns or problems had a positive experience working with you.

Rather than have a page of testimonials, tuck them around your landing page – like on your side bar – and put keywords in bold. People will come to trust you quickly when they see that others already have.

Call To Action (CTA)

This is the crucial step, the real secret to success. There is only one way that a landing page is defined as successful: if a reader takes an action while they’re there. Anything from signing up for emails to buying a product. How you word your CTA is what matters the most. These few words will determine if they’re turned on or turned off.

The best words match up with what you’re offering. Things like, ‘Reserve Your Seat,’ ‘Download The Free Ebook,’ or ‘Take This Course,’ are all great at telling your readers what you want them to do and what they’re going to get when they do it.

A good landing page can take your business to the next level but it takes some skill and effort to get it just right. It begins and ends with excellent copy. If you’ve got that, it won’t be long until you see a big increase in conversion rates.