8 Facebook Features You Should Know About

By January 26, 2015Social Media


A Facebook business page is an essential marketing tool for every small business. Where else can you get in front of 1.23 billion users? Attracting even a small fraction of that enormous audience could bring a significant profit boost. If you don’t have a page yet, don’t waste another minute! It’s just as easy as setting up a personal profile.

These 8 features will drive traffic from Facebook to your door or website:

Feature #1: Nearby

Include your business address on your page to allow on-the-go users to map your location when they are looking for something to do.

Feature #2: Check-In

Facebook users can “check-in” at your location when they visit. This activity is shared with all of their friends, providing an instant endorsement of your business.

Feature #3: Shutterstock

Shutterstock has partnered with Facebook to make their stock photography library available to Facebook users absolutely free of charge. You can use the photos to add high quality visual content to your ads. Did we mention this is free?

Feature #4: Hashtags

Use the # symbol to mark keywords within posts to your page or ad. Voila! A clickable link will include your post in related topics postings – both inside and outside of your network.

Feature #5: Call To Action Button

Enabling this feature in your page settings will create a pop-up window with – you got it – a call to action redirecting the user to your website or offer.

Here’s an example of a call to action for Dollar Shave Club:

Feature #6: Tabbed Layout

Unlike the traditional “flat” view of the personal profile, you can separate the facets of your business by tabs, which each have their own unique URL. This enables you to send posts to specific users based on where they navigated within your business page.

Feature #7: Page Insights

This feature allows the you (or your page’s admin) to monitor your page’s performance, and actually points to specific content that readers found interesting. These relevant insights will help you weed out the under-performing posts and fill that valuable space with better content.

Feature #8: Scheduled Posts

No time to log into your page to create new posts as often as you’d like? No problem! Facebook allows you to create posts at your leisure. Simply click the clock icon at the bottom of the “sharing” tool and select the time you would like your post to be published.

And in the “Coming Soon” category:

Facebook has announced they will soon roll out a new feature within the five-star rating component, allowing business owners to respond to customer reviews directly from the business page. Currently, business owners can only respond via their personal profile page. This will make it easy to interact with your customers in real time.