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8 Strategies to Drive Twitter Followers to Your Business

By February 11, 2015Social Media

With 284 million active users sending 500 million tweets per day, how do you reach the relatively small segment that contains your target Twitterers? Read on for a few proven tips.

Strategy #1: Create a Simple Username

When creating your Twitter profile, stay consistent with your business brand to complements your other social media sites. Your username should be the name of your business, or a close variation. Keep it as short as possible and punctuation-free, so followers can easily access your site from their mobile devices. (80% of Twitter users are following their favorites via smartphones and tablets.)

Strategy #2: Make Every Word Count

Write a compelling message to entice followers to click on an embedded link directing them to your blog or website. To convey the purpose of your message in 140 characters or less, you will need to get creative. The quality of your message will build credibility and interest among your followers.

Strategy #3:  Enhance Your Message With Visual Media

Include a photo or video in your tweets that relates to your business. These visuals add pizzazz without infringing on your 140 character limit. Twitter has a new video feature called Vine, which allows you to upload a short six-second video that plays on an endless loop within your tweet. Another option is to upload a video to YouTube and include the link in your tweet.

Strategy #4: Promote, Promote, Promote

Advertise your Twitter username everywhere. Include the Follow button on blog pages and on each of your website pages, and print your username on business cards and store signage.

Strategy #5: Shorten Links to Other Social Media Sites

Download a URL Shortener Extension app from tr.im or goo.gl to create an abbreviated link to your website or blog, saving valuable space in your post.

Strategy #6: Use the Twitter Advanced Search / Places Feature

The Places feature pinpoints your address and identifies Twitter users who are currently tweeting near your business location. Twitter then creates a list of those people so you can add them to your “potential local customer” list.

Strategy #7: Offer Twixclusives

A Twixclusive is an exclusive offer that your followers can pounce on. If it’s really exciting, a Twixclusive will generate retweets, attracting new followers. Note: As a courtesy, be sure to thank your retweeters by sending them a direct message or by adding their Twitter site to your favorites.

Strategy #8:  Use Twitter’s Data Analysis Features

Gain insight about who you’re engaging with the Tweet Activity and Campaigns dashboards. Use these performance indicators to improve your tweets and ensure that you’re connecting with your target audience.

Implementing these simple strategies will help to build a larger, more loyal community of followers, which leads to greater visibility and revenue.