Our job is to make your website a tool that connects your business with new customers. All traffic to your site can be considered a good thing, but we want you to focus on connecting with the traffic that has a direct need for the services and products you offer. In other words, those that are most likely to convert to customers and, ultimately, long term brand loyalists.

When we talk about the “right” visitors, we aren’t being elitist. We’re talking about your ideal demographic – otherwise known as buyer personas or the details of your ideal customer. Everything from their demographics to their challenges, specific pain points, goals, behaviors, interests, likes and dislikes. These are exactly the people that you have been building your business around.

Once your buyer persona is created, the goal is to design a marketing campaign that connects with them. And connecting with them doesn’t need to be a hit or miss strategy. What you need is simply a persona-centric strategy.

Your Buyer Personas

At Point Click Productions we dig in and get to know your buyer persona as much as we work to get to know you. The beauty of our inbound marketing campaigns is our ability to help you make personal connections with your visitors. We help you reach people and fine tune your message so that who you are and what you’re about resonates with those that are looking for you.

We use questionnaires, polls, and interviews to discover exactly who your buyer persona is and what their needs are. From this information we help you create and then implement a personalized strategy to align your mission, vision, and values to your current and future customers.

But it doesn’t end there. Once this detailed buyer personas is in place, we optimize your campaign in order to increase the chances of the right people finding you. We work to optimize for the behaviors, interests, language, and even consumer philosophy of your buyer persona.

This is different from traditional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which tends to focus on keyword volume only – instead of taking into account how your customers differ from consumers as a whole. Because your campaign is optimized for your buyer personas, you generate increased and relevant traffic and attention.

Strategy Development

It’s important to think of your content as more than just a neon sign that attracts people’s attention. You will have more long term success if you treat high quality content as a resource you are providing to your prospective clients. With inbound marketing your aim is to provide solutions that make your customers happier, solve a problem, and/or feel educated and confident in your ability to meet their needs.

You do this with readable, informative, shareable ebooks, blogs, videos, and visual content that attracts them and keeps them browsing – day after day, week after week. After content creation, it’s necessary to think about a social media strategy. We use a model of two-way engagement which does a great job of supporting and even amplifying your content development. We’ll learn how your buyer personas use the most relevant social platforms and then create content specific for each.

Attraction Tools

We use the tools and platforms that are a good fit with your business. This can include any or all of the following:

Blogging – Blogs are Inbound Marketing 101. It’s the number one way to attract new visitors and keep regulars coming back. Educational and informative content is necessary not only to be found by your buyer personas, but to connect with them on a personal and individual level. This starts with your blog.

Pages – This is about design. When someone walks by a shop and sees a display that catches their eye, they are likely to pop in. Your website pages are your digital display window. Your design should also be created with your buyer personas in mind and it should make your content, knowledge, and experience the star attractions.

SEO – We’ve talked before about the fact that the majority of online experiences begin with a search. People don’t always know what they are looking for until they find it. They are entering their questions into a search engine and that is your websites opportunity to be ready with an answer. Which means your rankings need to be good in the places your buyer personas are searching. And that means optimized pages, thoughtfully selected keywords, high quality original content, and building links around terms your buyer personas are searching for.

Social Publishing – Engagement is important when your aim is to attract new customers. The most successful inbound marketing campaigns start with great content. Social media platforms then enhance that great content by engaging visitors and putting a personal touch on your business. This process will help you discover where your buyer personas are hanging out online and then give you the tools to connect with them there.

Inbound Marketing starts with attracting your buyer personas to you. But it’s only the first step. Each of the four action steps – attract, convert, close, and delight – rely on each other for optimal success. Once they’ve found you, you’ve got to keep them and convert them.