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Break Out from Those Content Creation Blues

Let’s face the facts – pumping out great content all the time is far from easy, yet it’s still a necessity. If you’re trying to do it on your own, then it’s not uncommon to fall into the content creation blues. Every time you work on content, all your ideas fall flat and you’re left with something barely fit for publication. Try as you might, those blues won’t disappear on their own and it may take a spark of inspiration to get back on the killer content track. The problem may not be with your actual content, but rather in the way it’s being presented. Take a look at these alternative content formats and try one on for size the next time you find yourself in those content creation blues.

Tickle Their Funny Bone
Believe it or not, comics are back in fashion in a big way. Popular webcomics like xkcd get millions of hits every month and are one of the most commonly shared forms of content. Artistic skills are not a requirement (as evidenced by xkcd), but having a funny message to share can actually resonate deeply with your followers. Take a chance with your next short piece of content and try to turn it into a humorous comic.

Fire Up the Debates
Taking on a controversial topic without dividing your followers can be like walking a tightrope, but addressing an issue that readers feel passionate about will help to improve interaction between your brand and people you would like to become your eventual customers. Expect that the debate could be heated and be willing to stay in the kitchen to keep the conversation under control with effective comment moderation.

The important thing with taking an alternative angle towards your usual content is to make sure it’s still genuine and not just using a trendy gimmick. Comics and controversial topics are just two ideas you can use to spark your creative juices. If you need more examples of how to spice up your usual flow of great content, contact us and let us help lift you out of those content creation blues.