The secret for turning leads into customers is to provide timely and personalized content that your visitors need and can connect with. This is the best way to prove your value and close the deal. Your goal is to be helpful and provide valuable information that enhances understanding and confidence. This requires a personalized strategy of lead nurturing to work your leads further down the sales funnel. Original high quality content that hits home with your buyer personas specific goals and needs is how inbound marketing helps you achieve this.

Lead Nurturing Strategy

The best way to successfully close leads is to create and implement a nurturing strategy that focuses on the specific online behaviors of your buyer personas. At Point Click Productions, we use Google Analytics and HubSpot software to collect intelligence data for all the leads you have stored in your contact database.

From this we develop a lead nurturing campaign based on the actions they take. It might be an automated campaign or we might use social nurturing to create a succession of engagements aimed at delivering your content at carefully timed intervals. This pushes the leads down the sales funnel, moving them closer and closer to a sale.

A second consideration of any good lead nurturing strategy is making sure that it’s hitting all the levels of your buying cycle. The buyer personas who visit your website will all be at different points in that cycle so it’s important to develop content that serves the entire cycle with specific emphasis on those that have advanced in the sales process.

Not only does this content impact the close but it also serves as resources for you and your staff. Being able to refer to website content for additional assistance only helps to build confidence in your brand and shorten the sales process.

Customer Relationship Management

Being able to analyze and assess which of your various marketing activities are generating the most leads is vital to long term success and growth. At Point Click, we analyze at every step in the process. Integrating a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system allows you to align marketing with sales to close the most leads. When you can match up your marketing efforts with the sales they are bringing in, then you know your inbound marketing strategy is on point and performing optimally.

The Tools

Just exactly how do we create this lead nurturing strategy?

Email – A visitor has come to your website and completed your call-to-action and downloaded your ebook. You’ve successfully converted a visitor into a lead. Now is the time to deliver a series of helpful and relevant emails aimed at building trust and confidence in your products, services, and expertise. The aim is not to overwhelm, but to push them down the sales funnel.

CRM – This is a system used for organizing your leads, contacts, promoters, and the deals that you are generating. It’s all about getting in touch with people at the right time in order to close the deal. CRM puts the vital information at your finger tips so that you can spend your energy productively.

Closed-Loop Reporting – Just what it sounds like – reporting that tells you how well and how often you are closing the sales loop. This is integrated into your CRM to help you analyze how aligned your marketing and your sales really are.

Marketing Automation – Tailored and carefully crafted marketing based on the actions and buying cycle stages of your buyer personas. If a lead downloads a specific video from you, soon after, you might want to send a series of emails related to that topic. If you have followers on Twitter who are visiting pages surrounding a specific product you might want to post Tweets aimed at promoting that product.

Closing is the action step in your inbound marketing campaign that’s all about growing your business. And though sales are vital to your growth, closing isn’t all about generating income. Closing is about building a loyal client base. It’s about becoming the “go-to” business for people looking for your products and services. Seen one way, closing the deal is about people giving you their money. Seen another way, it’s about people giving you their trust and helping your business to reach its full potential.