Converting website visitors into customers is where the rubber meets the road in your inbound marketing strategy. Attracting your buyer personas is step one, connecting with them in such a way that they turn into a customer (and a long term customer at that), is the next. At Point Click Productions we focus on a conversion path that goes directly to the needs and interests of your buyer personas. We work to create a deeply engaging user experience which we have found generates more qualified leads more consistently.

Most people don’t give their email addresses away to just any site they visit. It’s a certainty that if they have chosen to share it with you then you’ve hooked them, intrigued them, educated them, or helped them. It’s a sign of confidence and trust and because it doesn’t happen all the time, it’s something not to be taken lightly.

A Content Strategy That Works

People are using the internet to educate themselves before deciding to make a purchase. Our job is to help you figure out what content they’re searching for and then help you provide them with it. Your buyer persona is the starting point. From there we strategize and implement easily digestible and downloadable original high quality content – think ebooks, videos, tip sheets, kits – that connect with their needs, solve their problem, and build their confidence in you and your brand. This allows you to collect their contact information.

It’s important to recognize that the visitors you attract to your website will all be at different stages of the buying process. What’s needed is a personalized experience to reach those various levels. Inbound marketing is all about creating a conversion strategy that aligns with the behaviors of your specific buyer personas.

The major work of your website is to support the efforts to drive visitors to the high quality content and education they are searching for. Everything from landing pages, calls-to-action, and your blog need to be designed and created to result in high conversion rates and happy potential customers.

Performance Monitoring

Using analytic software we monitor how your campaign is performing. Any good business owner knows you have to assess and adjust on a regular basis in order to maximize sales. Your website is no different. Point Click Productions analyzes your campaign on a monthly basis so that we can see which activities are converting and which aren’t.

With this information we work with you to determine where to put our future efforts. We enhance what is resonating the most and back off of or shift what doesn’t appear to be working. This helps ensure that we’re regularly optimizing lead generation and therefore helping you to grow.

Though they might never use or understand the terms “conversion” and “lead generation,” it is none-the-less a privilege when a visitor decides to share their contact information. People visit dozens of sites each month with interesting and helpful content but still don’t share their email. This is the step in the inbound marketing process that sets you up to close the deal. Once a visitor becomes a lead, you’ve got the chance to show them who you are and what you can do for them.

Tools Used To Convert

Calls-to-Action – These are links your visitors click on which encourage them to take an action. Something like, “Sign up for a webinar,” or “Watch this exclusive video.” A good website design includes multiple calls-to-action. Offers that aren’t enticing enough won’t generate the leads you’re looking for.

Forms – A visitor becomes a lead when they share their contact information with you. The best way to do this is with simple web form.

Database – It makes sense to use a marketing database to organize the leads you’re generating. Keeping data in one place allows you to analyze each interaction you have and learn from them. A good database allows you too look at interactions via landing pages, emails, social media, and more. The learning part comes when we optimize future interactions in order to impact closing the deal.

Landing Pages – This is usually where your calls-to-action are completed. Once you get the contact information you or your staff can then begin to engage them on an even deeper level. In essence, a landing page is where a visitor becomes a lead so it’s important that they are well designed.

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