Create An Awesome Contact Page

By September 14, 2015Web Design

It’s easy to think of your contact page as an easy to put together page. A no brainer, as they say. But you might be surprised to learn that this is the page that often gets the most views. It sets the tone for all future contacts and, if designed well, can make the difference between whether a visitor reaches out or says, “Maybe later.”

It’s an underestimated page for sure and we think it’s important to spend a lot more time here. Think of your contact page as the beginning of your relationship with a client. This is not the page to be phoning it in.

What Makes A Good Page Great?

If a visitor is navigating to your contact page, we can assume that you’ve done a good job thus far to convince them that you can solve their problem with your expertise, services, and products. So it’s important not to lose them here. A contact page that really grabs the visitors attention is a must.

Content for this page must also be as on point as the rest of your website. High quality, focused, clear, informative. Letting clients know that you check emails frequently, or how soon they can expect to hear back, or who will be getting in touch are perfect messages to send. This is the point where your visitor is determining whether they want to take the next big step forward.

What You Need For Sure

The “must haves” for your contact page are short and simple.

Contact Form – Forms are easy. Especially if your contact page is mobile optimized and your visitor can autofill most of the fields when using their mobile device. It doesn’t need to be fancy or elaborate – just a space to ask their questions and feel confident that they’ll hear from you.

Email – Contact forms are important, but so is a direct address. Especially one that is memorable for your business. It’s important to encode your address to avoid spam bots and you should know that generic addresses like contact@ or info@ are easy spam targets. This means that you’ll have an inbox full of junk which makes it too easy to miss the important stuff. Even a slight delay in a response could make the difference in a conversion.

Phone Number – This includes the business number, numbers for various departments you might have, calling hours, a vanity number with the corresponding numbers, and any relevant mobile numbers you might use.

Physical Address – It’s good for people to know where you are and what neighborhood you’re in. But it’s equally important when it comes to local SEO. Your locally ranking can dramatically improve when a search engine like Google can match the address on your contact page with the address on your google business listing.

Call To Action – You can think of a call to action (CTA) as the icing on the cake as you go above and beyond to connect with your potential clients. Picture a guest that comes for a visit. You want them to feel welcomed and you want them to come back. Your CTA is the bonus that makes them feel special and gives them a reason to reach for a further connection with you.

Social Media Links – These links should really be placed on all your important pages, not just the contact page. A visitor who is interested in learning more about you or on keeping tabs on your sales and promotions is more likely to follow you on social media than continuously return to your site without incentive.

A Word About Good Design

A well designed website will light up all the excitement buttons in a potential client. It’s such a big mistake to spend all your energy on your home page and then put your contact page together as an afterthought. Everything needs to be cohesive. Everything needs to work together to push your visitor down your sales funnel. It’s a vital page that needs every bit as much attention as any other. This is the page your visitor will be using when they take that first step toward becoming a client.

It’s a simple page but extremely important. A little effort and some great design will increase your conversions and have your contact page working hard for you and your business.