When it comes to growth and longevity, your most valuable asset is brand equity. Word of mouth marketing remains the most powerful means of establishing your brand. Who hasn’t made purchases based on the good word of a friend or family member? Because of this, delighting your customers is just as important as attracting, converting, or closing them.

Perhaps the number one reason why delighting your customers is important is revealed in a recent study which concluded that it costs businesses up to seven times more effort and money to gain a new customer than to keep a current customer buying. Also, being able to turn a truly satisfied customer into a promoter because they are delighted with the value of your products and services means your inbound marketing strategy is working its best for you.

Personalized Content

Customers who continue to visit your website need to be provided with a different experience from first time visitors. Using a tool like smart calls-to-action is a great way to provide customers with new content based on their buyer persona and buying cycle stage. You now need to go beyond things like downloadable ebooks and provide them with opportunities to get even more from your business. Small things like sending “thank you for purchasing” offers, or birthday, anniversary, and holiday offers provide customers with new reasons to return to your site.

Social media platforms are a great way to monitor and communicate with customers to increase their delight and continued positive experiences. At Point Click Productions we use a tools like HubSpot’s Social Inbox in order to create “streams” that will alert you when customers (or visitors) search for specific words related to your brand. This is just another example of meeting your customers where they are and even anticipating their needs.

Communication Is Key

It’s necessary to balance your email communication so that you are not crossing the threshold into overwhelming your customers. Our analytics software makes this balancing act easy. High quality and easily relatable content is the best way to ensure that your customers are enjoying hearing from you. It’s how they get the most from your products and services and how they remain connected to you.

Delightful Tools

Smart Calls-To-Action – Presenting customers with different offers and content than you are presenting to first time visitors.

Surveys – Using customer feedback to guarantee you’re providing what your buyer personas are looking for. The best way to know what someone wants is simply to ask.

Social Monitoring – It’s just sound business practice to listen to your customers questions, searches, comments, likes, and dislikes. It shows you care about them and about making your business relevant. Social monitoring is about taking this one step further and using the data you’ve tracked to reach out to them with relevant content that’s based on those questions and comments.

Privileged Website Access – Delighting customers is about making them feel special to you and your business. Providing them with access to portions of your site that are only available after a purchase is a great way to satisfy them and keep them coming back.

Inbound marketing helps you build your brand, grow your business, and strengthen your reputation. It’s a strategy that utilizes amazing content on your website to reach visitors, leads, customers, and brand loyalists. One sale is great, but a customer who purchases again and again is the real goal. To reach that point you have to continue to delight, and hopefully even up-sell, your base. When we love a product or service we become natural promoters – imagine your customers helping you with marketing simply because you have delighted them again and again.

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