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Don’t Cry, It’s Only SEO Wasteland

Yes, we just butchered the lyrics to a classic The Who song. But hey, if it gets you to write an indignant comment on this post, we’ve accomplished our SEO purposes for the day, right?

In truth, we’ve got good reasons for borrowing these lyrics from Pete. While search engine optimization started as a brilliant Holmes-esque method for bumping up a webpage’s search engine rankings, it’s transformed into a wasteland of shabby practices and cheap, backdoor shoving matches. It’s time to stop crying and get out of the wasteland. Somebody famous once said “SEO isn’t about optimizing your blog for search engines; it’s about optimizing it for searchers.” It was probably Ben Franklin.

This simple statement will revolutionize your approach to SEO if you let it. With new changes to search engine algorithms, some SEO businesses are popping blood vessels as they try to figure out how to adapt their list of “SEO practices” to accommodate the updates. Suddenly, shady link buying methods are out. Cheap content is flagged. Google robots are snarling.

But guess what? The essentials of REAL SEO haven’t changed one lick. That’s right. Good SEO has always been about creating content that appeals to the masses. This can be content that makes someone laugh out loud, content that is so interesting that it has to be shared with every Facebook friend you’ve got, or content that shocks the pants right off you. It’s content that is well-written. It’s content that requires thought. It’s content that inspires sharing, commenting, and even arguing.

“Yeah, but that stuff is hard to write,” you protest. “Getting content like that for my website takes time and energy.” Welcome to the purpose behind every search engine’s algorithm. Let’s understand this basic fact. Search engine algorithms aren’t trying to trick us. They aren’t trying to make us jump through hoops. These algorithms are programs that attempt to sift through the billions of pages of Internet trash to find the shiny, glowing website that actually offers usable, helpful, informative content.

If your website provides that, the algorithms will love you. If you let us provide it for you, you’ll love us. And that makes everyone a “Happy Jack.” Whoops. Did it again.