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Engage Your Audience With Blog Comments


For countless business blogs (maybe including yours), there is a mentality of set-it-and-forget-it content. At the same time, your blog duties don’t end with the publication – you need to be monitoring comments as well. They may not have the real-time speed of Twitter or the quick spread of Facebook, but your blog comments do serve a purpose. In the big picture, a blog post points toward a general audience, showing off your insight into a particular subject. What the comments section does is the exact opposite – it gets personal. In addressing the individual comments that visitors leave on your blog, you’re effectively welding together the general and the specific, all on one page. Here’s some ideas on attracting more comments and how to respond when they come.

Reducing Comment Friction
We all know that the space immediately following a content entry is valuable real estate, but this doesn’t mean you should shove the comments below social media connections and other widgets. A great way to have the best of both worlds is to add a jump with a “Leave a Comment” button. This way, a visitor won’t have to search for the comments and can enter their remarks with a single click. In addition, make it as easy as possible to leave comments – no complicated sign-in forms, just a simple space with name, email, and comment will suffice.

Invite Readers to Share Opinions
Like any solid landing page, every blog post needs to have a call to action – whether it’s directing traffic to your goods and services or asking for feedback. If you want to spur engagement and more comments, then be willing to ask for comments. Asking a pointed question may be all it takes to get someone to leave the feedback you want. Also make sure that there are options for private contact if a reader wants to get directly in touch with your business.

How to Respond
Some comments will be easy to address. When a reader thanks you for informative or entertaining content, all you need to do is say thanks. On the other hand, when negative comments come your way, this is your time to shine. Even when a poster writes “Your blog/product/service/business sucks,” it’s worth a response. The common wisdom is not to feed the trolls, but a better response is to push the negative posters for more details. Ask for specific complaints and address them as politely as possible. Always take a positive tone against even the most hateful commenters and it will show everyone else who visits your blog that you stand behind your business and are willing to talk about problems openly.

In a high-traffic blog, staying on top of comments can be a full-time task, but an effective response strategy can do wonders for attracting new customers. If your problem is less with comments and more with getting visitors to your blog, then our SEO services could help. Check out our website and let us know how we can help.