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Getting Started with Promoted Tweets on Twitter

By November 5, 2012Social Media, Twitter

There’s tons of ways to spend your marketing dollar online and a new one showing up every day, but one of the most promising is the pay-per-click program recently introduced by Twitter. A couple months ago, we weighed the pros and cons of Twitter Advertising, also called Promoted Tweets, and now we’re back to help guide you through the process if you decide to use it. We still believe that overall it’s a solid program (although nothing beats true organic growth) and there are benefits to be gained from spending a couple bucks to diversify your audience.

What to Promote
The first question is what tweets you want to promote. There are three main options – promoting your account, a specific tweet (from you, of course), or a hashtag. The last option will cast the widest net, but is also clearly the most expensive – imagine advertising on a hashtag like #2012olympics. If you are looking to increase your following on Twitter, then promoting your account is the right choice. Your brand will be listed in the “Who to Follow” widget on those accounts that match your keyword. If you want to focus on a specific offer, then promoting one of your tweets will be a better decision.

The Technical Details
Once you know what you want to do, the rest is relatively easy. Twitter uses Interests, which are basically the same as Google keywords and will send your promoted account to those who have matching interests. You’ll also have the choice of your ad appearing to your followers or other Twitter users that are similar to your followers, with the obvious respective implications. Finally, you’ll have to figure out your budget and how long you want the ad to run. Twitter is not actually PPC, but works on a Cost-Per-Engagement system, meaning that any click, retweet, reply, or adding to favorites will constitute an engagement.

If you want to try out a Twitter Advertising campaign, but don’t want to get your hands dirty with setting up the program, we can do all the heavy lifting. Give us a call and learn about our services for Twitter and other social networks.