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Growing Your Social Media Audience


If your business is on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, or any of the million other social networks out there, you’re probably doing it for a reason. You want recognition. You want engagement. And obviously, you want new customers.

This means that you want your social reach to be as high as it possibly can be. How do you go from a paltry smattering of followers to a robust network of interconnected clients, thought leaders, and future customers? It’s a simple solution – you grow your social reach.

And exactly how do you do that? Well, that’s what we’re about to tell you.

Add Social Sharing Buttons
Have you noticed how everywhere you look now, there’s an option to share content (a product, a blog post, a cute picture of kittens in a bucket)? Those little links that send the content to social networks are your sharing buttons and they’re easy to add to your existing pages. Depending on the platform of your blog or online store, look for extensions/plugins that will bring this extended capability.

Side note: If your site is responsive or mobile-ready, make sure that the social sharing buttons appear across different types of devices and browsers.

Be Active On Social Media
Lots of places see on-the-clock Facebook time as being unproductive, but if it’s for the right purpose, it can help to grow your social reach tremendously. If you’ve got a FB or Twitter junkie in the office, why not put them to work to engage with your followers and those people you want to be your followers? Active engagement not only gives a personal touch to your social media account, but in the case of FB, it means your content will appear higher on News Feeds. If you’re looking to build your base, then re-tweeting on Twitter or getting involved in a LinkedIn group conversation can bring new faces to your accounts.

Realize The Visual Difference
As evidenced by how FB has recently changed how their News Feeds look, it’s clear just how important content with visuals has become. Whenever possible, add a picture or other image to go with your content – it will grab attention and attract more people than a simple text-only post.

Team Up With Others
Of course, the whole idea of growing your social reach is about getting in touch with people who are not currently aware of your brand. One way to find a different circle of potential audience members is to team up with someone else, although probably not one of your competitors. Look for a prominent blogger or thought leader that may be interested in swapping guest blog posts. If you want to really diversity your audience, look at industries outside your own for partnership opportunities, such as a nearby local restaurant or charitable organization.

Doing just these four simple things will go a long way towards boosting your count of followers. In addition, there are other ideas that may be worth exploring, such as paid advertising on a social media network. Every new follower you gain is a chance to add a new client to your roster.