How to Use Twitter Tailored Trends

By July 12, 2012Social Media, Twitter

Just a few weeks ago, we talked about how to use Twitter for newsjacking, but the short-form social network has just started rolling out a new program that may be a game changer. Called Tailored Trends, the feature makes it much easier to identify and capitalize on trends that are specifically relevant to you and your followers. More than only newsjacking, Tailored Trends has an extremely valuable capability – it allows you to see the topics that are collectively important to your followers (or people you want to be your followers) in real-time. Before you jump straight into Twitter’s Tailored Trends, let’s take a closer look at the feature.

The Details
Before the invention of Tailored Trends, the only way you could see trending topics was to go to the Discover tab, which displays the overall trends and hashtags that are soaring in popularity, most of which will have no immediate use to you or your business. In contrast, Tailored Trends tracks both the trending topics between your followers as well as localized subjects that are making the rounds. Once you sign up for the feature, it effectively acts as a filter, only returning those trends that are important to your followers or your specific geographical area.

How to Use Tailored Trends
The big lesson to learn is how to use this new feature as part of your business’s marketing plan. If you want to newsjack to gain more followers, then the answer is simple – just look for trends from your local area and jump on the bandwagon by getting some good content out there and joining the conversation. However, if what you want is to provide valuable content for your followers, then you now know what they are looking for. Identify hot trends that relate to your industry and make sure your content focuses on these topics.