Live Chat can Convert Website Visitors into Paying Clients

People with legal problems can search for answers to their issues at any time during the day or night. In addition, prospective clients who are unable to get the information they need from a particular website will often move onto the next one within a matter of seconds. For lawyers and law firms, turning website visitors into paying clients can result in thousands of dollars in legal fees, even for the most commonplace cases – and live chat can help make that happen.

Live Chat Provides User Engagement

User engagement is one of the main factors in keeping potential clients on your site and inducing them to take action. User engagement can take many forms, including reading your content, filling out a form, watching a video, or clicking a link. Our live chat services allow a client to be immediately engaged with a live agent who is there to answer questions that may arise. While a chat agent cannot give legal advice, he or she can certainly collect a prospective client’s information, allowing you to make a personal phone call to him or her at your earliest convenience.

Live Chat Allows Prospective Clients to Take Action

Imagine you are a person with a legal problem. It is after business hours, but you have finally decided to deal with your issue, whether it is unmanageable debt, a pending criminal court date, filing for divorce, or finding out whether you can sue for an injury that you sustained in an accident. The action you take is to get online and find yourself an attorney but, as it is after business hours, you cannot pick up the phone and schedule an appointment. In this scenario, chances are that you will spend a significant amount of time perusing several attorney websites, perhaps sending a few emails, and waiting for a response.

Live chat solves this problem by allowing website visitors to take action immediately. When prospective clients visit your site, they can speak to a person in real time and schedule a phone call with an attorney in their area.

Learn How We Can Help Grow Your Business

As a practicing attorney, you and your staff cannot be available 24/7 to answer client questions or to set up appointments. In today’s on-demand world, it is almost certain that there are potential clients who are searching for your services after hours – if they are unable to find an answer to their questions, it is highly likely they will just move on to a competitor’s site. By having a live chat agent ready to schedule an appointment and answer basic questions about your practice, you can help convert leads into clients.

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