Do you want to capture more leads from your website?
Do you want to pay only for the leads you get?
Do you want potential clients to be able to contact your firm 24/7?

People looking for legal services typically retain the services of the law firm that is the quickest to respond to their inquiry. Don’t miss out on a client due to a delayed response.


$199 Setup
$19.95 per sales lead

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A Better Client Experience

With live chat enabled on your website, you can instantly engage with these prospects as they are doing their research. Live chat helps answer their initial questions and set up a follow up call or appointment before they move on to the next law firm’s website. This interaction can be invaluable in gaining new leads and new clients for your law firm, especially outside of regular business hours.

Always on, Always Ready

The biggest difference between our live chat and other services is that your potential customers chat with us. We’re there “live” 24 hours a day, 365 days a year- even holidays. Our operators, both English and Spanish speaking, chat with your prospective so that you don’t have to worry about it. No stress about handling chat contacts when you’re busy, shorthanded, or out of the office. When someone wants to chat, we’re there.

Instant Notification

After each chat session, the information that we capture is instantly delivered to you, and the distribution list of your choosing, by email. If you like, we’ll even notify you by SMS text message.

Live Call Transfer

Another features that sets us apart is our ability to connect you directly with your prospect via live phone call transfer. This optional service is included for free with your.

Spanish Language Chat

We can provide Spanish speaking operators for all clients who service the Spanish speaking community. If you have a Spanish language website or section of your website, this is a valuable service you can provide that can dramatically increase conversions.

Analytics Integration

Our live chat integrates with Google analytics so you can monitor and track your chat window metrics with the same familiar tools you use to track your website performance.

Fully Managed

We provide a complete service unlike most other live chat systems – we use our own software platform and employ agents to service chats. This means major cost savings for you as you don’t have to deploy anything, or hire anyone to get started.

Pay For Performance Pricing

You only pay for qualified sales leads that we send to you. There is no minimum recurring charge, or long term contract which makes us easy to evaluate. You can cancel the service at any time without any penalty.

“Point Click Productions is great. They designed and built my website, and now do my SEO. They know the business inside and out and are easy to work with. I would recommend them without hesitation to anyone.”

— Gary Peterson, Attorney at Law