Do Potential Clients Appreciate Live Chat?

If you are regular internet user, you have undoubtedly come across a website that uses a live chat feature, which gives visitors an opportunity to engage in a live chat with a chat agent to ask specific questions. Generally speaking, this feature operates by introducing a dialog box a few seconds after visitors navigate to a site and asks them whether they would like to chat with an agent.

If they respond in the affirmative, a chat dialog box opens in which the user can ask questions and provide information to the chat agent.

The Benefits of Live Chat

Law firms are fighting for clients in an increasingly competitive marketplace, and many legal consumers will sign up with the first firm that affords them to opportunity to do so. Live chat can help convert website visitors into clients and provides law firms with a variety of benefits. Some of these include the following:

  • Client service 24 hours per day, 365 per year
  • Chat agents collect information from visitors so that attorneys may follow up with them as soon as possible
  • Chats can be transferred to phone calls during business hours
  • Live chat drives visitor engagement

So, while there are clear benefits to having live chat on your law firm site, many lawyers wonder whether their potential clients would appreciate the service or even use it. Fortunately for law firms that use chat, the answer seems to be a resounding “yes.” A 2012 study entitled Live Chat Effectiveness 2012 indicated 65 percent of American shoppers had engaged in live chat. In addition, nearly the same percentage of people preferred live chat as a method of communication as those who preferred phone, and almost 80 percent of people who preferred live chat like it because it gets their questions answered immediately.

Live Chat Tailored to the Legal Industry

As an attorney, you may be concerned about the ethical concerns that may arise with using a live chat service to communicate with visitors to your website. Our chat agents are highly trained and work from a fully customizable set of questions and answers that you may provide. They are trained to convert a visitor into a lead by collecting contact information. Once the chat is over, you will receive an email and/or chat with information allowing you to follow up and turn a lead into a paying client.