Quick Fixes for Tough Issues - PointClick

There are tons of issues that can come around and plague your online marketing effort and likely you will have faced all of the problems below at one time or another. Having problems is part of the job and the important thing is knowing how to fix them. Sometimes, you just need a little help to get past a rough spot and that’s what these tips are meant to address. None are definitive long term solutions, but they will get you through the hard times and back on track until you can make a more permanent repair.

Need More Content in a Hurry?
This might be the most common problem that marketers face and there is really no substitute for expert-generated content that goes to the very heart of your field. However, there are some ways to get good content in a hurry. You can hire a professional content company or a freelance writer if there’s some room in the budget. Another good idea is to ask for guest posts on your blog from noted industry experts. You get the content and they get the inbound link. If time is the issue rather than money, you can also do some PPC advertising, which will keep a steady flow of visitors looking at your back catalog of content.

Social Media Fire in the Kitchen?
The downside of social media is that it can turn into a grease fire in a hurry if your interaction, or lack thereof, is taken the wrong way. If you’ve got an angry customer or group of customers, don’t let the problem fester. Assign one person to deal with the issue by making it public on social media and showing how you intend to fix it for the disgruntled customer. Look for a possible quick giveaway that will help cool the person’s initial anger while a more long-term solution to the underlying problem is developed.

Nobody Buying What You’re Selling?
It happens to everyone – there are down periods where your sales just aren’t hitting the mark. If you’re stuck in a pinch and need to get your sales out of the gutter, there are some answers. A quick Facebook Contest, newsjacking a top story, or throwing together a sweet promotion may be enough to weather the bad times and get your audience in the buying mood again. When you’re out of the immediate danger, it may be time to look at your sales program and see how things got so low.

At Point Click Productions, we have services to fit any type of online problem that your business may encounter and we’re available to help, even on short notice. Check us out and you may find the answer you’ve been looking for.