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SEO Killed the Video Star?

Content marketing. Ad campaigns. Gamification strategies. Articles. Blogs. Ebooks. Yes, yes, yes. These are all important parts of your SEO strategy. (Well, the jury is still out on gamification. If we have to play one more laundry detergent game on Facebook…) With all these SEO strategies, though, the brilliance of a simple web video is getting lost.

A video may not be keyword-rich, content-heavy, or streamlined for easy conversions, but it can be used as an SEO tool. We promise.

Videos Push Consumers Over the Conversion Hill

What’s the whole purpose of your website? You don’t know? Well, we’re in trouble then. Say this with us: CONVERSIONS. If you are trying to generate a profitable website, you have to guide consumers through that blasted conversion funnel. You know, the series of web pages that consumers jump across like lily pads before they splash into the “BUY NOW” page?

Videos can help you push consumers over the conversion hill. The top of the hill is the steepest part. Consumers can be absolutely convinced that your product or service is what they need, but actually clicking the purchase button and contributing to your profits is often too much for a consumer to handle. Insert Video Here. A high-quality, well-designed video that shows your product in action may be the missing link between “I need this” and “I’ve got this.”

Videos Establish Brand Obsession

Forget brand loyalty. Let’s talk about brand obsession. You do it, whether you know it or not. Brand obsession is when you click the refresh button about ninety times in an hour just to be exposed to new content that will make you pee your pants laughing or slap your forehead in that coveted “Duh!” moment.

For example, if you YouTube a video clip from The Ellen Degeneres Show and check out the comments below the video, you’ll likely find one that reads something like this: “Told myself I’d watch one video. Now it’s four hours later.” We’re not kidding. Ellen Degeneres has developed brand obsession by posting videos that everyone loves to click.

Now, don’t get us wrong. A lot of that brand obsession stems from the fact that her videos are so dang hilarious. You aren’t going to establish brand obsession by producing poor quality videos that people watch for about two seconds before mentally shouting “NEXT!”

If you create videos with SEO in mind from production to finalization, though, you can add some brand obsession to your strategy. Create videos with your audience in mind. What do they love? What do they want? Cartoons? Trampoline accidents? Heartwarming anecdotes?

Give it to them in a video. It’s the shareable, laughable, likeable, loveable SEO strategy that everyone forgets about.

We were going to post a video of a Great Dane cuddling with a kitten, but we couldn’t figure out how to tie it into web design and star-quality SEO. Also, kittens are overrated.