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Two Ways You Should Be Using Google Analytics But Aren’t


First things first: did you know Google Analytics is a free tool that is constantly updated by the search engine mogul? Did you know that Google Analytics provides in-depth information about your website, page views, viewer profiles, and conversion factors?

You didn’t? Well, now you do. And now, you’re going to go get Google Analytics for your website because, honestly, not having it is like saying “no” to an ice pick during the Zombie Apocalypse. First, though, you’re going to finish reading this post.

Now, Google Analytics is great for getting information about your various site and page visits. In fact, this is what most businesses use the application for. It’s exciting to see how many people are visiting your site each day and which pages are captivating (and holding) their interest. This information, while interesting, isn’t particularly helpful, though. This is why you need to pay attention to two other components of Google Analytics.

Mobile Stats

Today, parents are registering for iPads for their unborn children. Not really, but mobile devices today are even more prevalent than personal computers. The freedom of a mobile device means that more and more people are going to be accessing your website on-the-go. Your mobile site construction and development needs to be just as user-friendly as your standard view. You can view mobile stats on Google Analytics that will tell you how your mobile conversions compare to standard conversions. This information will let you know what changes and updates you need to make.

Multi-Channel Funnels

How many times have you opened your web browser, typed in the Amazon address that corresponds to a specific product, and purchased that product on the spot? We know: never. Nobody types in when they’re looking for furniture online. Don’t follow that link, by the way, it’s bogus. Instead, you Google “furniture,” or you follow a Twitter link, or you check out a Facebook fan page. People do the same thing when they invest in YOUR business. The multi-channel funnels component of Google Analytics will show you the roads people are taking toward conversions.

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