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What Are The Best Times to Post on Social Media?

By March 12, 2015Social Media

Timing on social media sites can be vital. If you post your content at the wrong time, it may go unseen by your target audience, resulting in lower impressions, less engagement, and wasted effort. This guide will help you plan your social media posting schedule for optimum visibility.


The best days to post on Facebook are Thursday and Friday. Timing with this platform can be a little more fluid. As a general rule, 9AM – 7PM is best, but early afternoon is prime time. Post around 1PM for the most shares, and around 3PM for the most clicks.


Twitter can be a little more industry specific. For B2B marketers, opt for weekdays. Studies have shown that users are 14% more engaged during the week. If you work in B2C, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday are best, with a peak of 17% on weekends. The best time to tweet depends on your goal. To boost your retweets, try to tweet around 5PM. For a higher CTR, 12PM and 6PM will do the trick. Users tend to use Twitter far more often on their commute or during work or school hours.


Due to its large B2B user base, weekdays seem to be the optimum time for LinkedIn as well. Post on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday around 7AM – 8AM and 5PM – 6PM for the best results. Tuesdays between 10AM – 11AM is the best time for clicks and shares.


Fortunately, you’ve got Pinterest to keep you busy on the weekends, with Saturday as its peak day. Ideally, you should pin around 8PM – 11PM. This, however, isn’t a hard, fast rule. Other researchers recommend Saturdays from 2AM – 4AM, 2PM – 4PM, or even 8PM – 1AM. Play it safe and stick to Saturdays and you’ll be fine.


Instagram is generally pretty consistent throughout the week, so that should give your schedule a bit of leeway. You’ll experience a slight peak on Monday with more overall engagement when your audience isn’t at work.


Add another slot to your weekday schedule with Google+ showing maximum engagement Monday through Friday. 9AM – 11AM is best, with late morning performing slightly better. However, the highest engagement throughout the week is Wednesday at 9AM.

If you follow this guide, you’ll experience a peak in your social media engagement, whether that’s clicks, likes, retweets, or anything in between. Be sure to checkout the infographic over at QuickSprout that provided the stats.