How To Write a Law Firm FAQ Page

By December 5, 2016Content

In our experience, a frequently asked questions page will go one of two ways. A good one law firm FAQ page provides plenty of resources for clients, answers actual questions, and highlights your knowledge and expertise. A bad FAQ page has little thought behind it, tends to be unstructured, out-of-date, and are generally information dumps no one can navigate and don’t help anyone.

As a law firm, you want to spend time thinking about the specific questions that potential clients are concerned about and struggle with. This is one more opportunity for your website to instill trust and market your firm.

Here are our tips on how to write a law firm FAQ page, avoid an information dump, and write practical and helpful FAQ’s that your clients will appreciate.

Educate Your Clients and Establish Authority

When potential clients are navigating your site, they are judging you; making decisions about you. Can this firm help me? Are they competent? Can they solve my problem? The more information you can provide in your law firms FAQ page, the better. The math is simple: if you’ve answered all their questions, they’ll be able to make a decision about contacting you. If you leave them wondering, they’re more likely to navigate elsewhere.

But you don’t want text heavy pages that no one will read. You want one place where you answer the most common questions that your clients have in the most concise manner possible.

Include a Disclaimer

It’s always a smart idea to add a disclaimer to your law firm FAQ page. You want to state simply that, as of the time of posting, the information is accurate to the best of your knowledge. Additionally, you want potential clients to know that you cannot be held liable for using the information.

Put Yourself in Your Clients Shoes

The first step is always to figure out what your clients questions are. Ask your reception staff to write down each question they receive over the course of a few weeks. The best sources for questions come from staff members involved in customer service, the search queries on your site, and social media conversations if you use those platforms.

Are there repeats? These are the questions that need to be on your website.

Another idea is to think about what you would want in a lawyer and what information you’d want to know about them and their practice. If it’s important to you, it’s important others. One of the biggest mistakes is to use your law firms FAQ’s as direct sales pitches. People want real information, not slick jargon or links to books.

Make it Organized and Easy to Use

Law firm FAQ’s need to be quick reference guides. No one wants to scroll through dozens of questions they don’t need just to find the one they do. If you have a lot of FAQ’s, provide a table of contents at the top of the page and list your general categories there. One category might be about your services, another about your fees. Other options include legal procedures, state and federal laws, and what to expect after contacting you.

Keep it Simple and Informative

After you’ve developed the questions, put effort into the answers. They should be concise, but you also want your clients feeling like they’ve gained something by reading them. Write in a direct and easy to understand tone. If you find that the answer is complicated or lengthy, consider a separate blog post or article that can cover the answer in greater detail. If you have pages on your site that also address the question, add links to direct clients there. If the general message of your law firm FAQ page is ‘It varies, so just give us a call,’ you’re missing the mark.

Keep it Updated

Things change. Firms change. It’s important to review and update your law firms FAQ’s regularly. Treat the FAQ page like a living document. Add new questions, remove irrelevant ones, and tweak existing answers if needed. Set a quarterly notification on your calendar so that your clients aren’t being inadvertently misled.

Formatting & Styling

  • Use bullets when you make a list
  • Separate the FAQ’s visually with containers or dividers
  • Write in short paragraphs, one for each answer
  • Chose a legible font
  • Don’t be afraid of blank space on the screen
  • Use your customer’s language and avoid too much legal jargon

Let Them Know How to Contact You

You can’t answer all the questions, so don’t try. Leave clear and easy to spot information about how to reach you. If they haven’t found what they’re looking for, tell clients how to reach you. Phone, email, how to make an appointment, or consider a live chat feature on your site.

To sum up, your law firms FAQ page will do its job if it is clear, has easy to find information, contains real questions with real answers, and is kept up-to-date. It’s a simple tool, but a valuable one.