Why You Should Hire a Marketing Manager

By February 18, 2015Marketing

Most people believe that anyone can do marketing – and to a certain extent, this is true. Anyone can do it, but it does take certain skills to do it well. You worked hard for your money and when you invest it back into your business, you want it to work hard for you. We hear from many clients that marketing isn’t what they expected as they realize that doing it on their own isn’t the most effective.

You need to be your own business expert and know your product and services inside out. You need a vision as well as some sense of what works in your industry and what doesn’t. No all-powerful marketing consultant can fix what will never work. The job is to enhance what you have and make it stand out in its full potential. If your business is selling scuba gear in the desert, a marketing consultant isn’t going to give you THAT much of a boost.

Hiring a firm to help you with marketing is a great way to value your business and your investment. When you do, it should be your expectation that you are partners with the firm – working together to create and achieve a high performing marketing plan. You don’t hire consultants so that you can turn over this super important aspect of your business to someone else.

We only take on clients that we believe we can help. Your goals become our goals and we focus on the following areas:

It Starts With Strategy

Your marketing plan will never outpace its foundation – so it needs to be solid. Time spent thinking about your current and potential customers and how to show them that you can solve their problems is necessary to a good strategy. The “hit and miss” approach to marketing just isn’t the best use of your time or money and, really, does a disservice to your business.

Without putting thought into how your marketing will influence attitudes then your plan will never take off the ground and never impact your bottom line in the way you want.

Quality Over Quantity

Building a good foundation also involves looking at short and long term goals. Consider your most immediate needs but also do some envisioning of 3 or 4 years out. Choosing marketing objectives that build to other, longer term goals, helps to keep your plan fresh and relevant.

Keeping your immediate objectives to a reasonable number is also important. Some business owners aren’t able to prioritize the most pressing goals and then end up spread too thin, trying to accomplish too much, in too short a time, with too little resources.


Business owners tend to be self-starters, natural leaders, with lots of energy and motivation. Such a combination of traits can make it hard to determine when outside help is more beneficial. You’ve built a business from nothing and no one knows it like you do. There may be many marketing goals you can work on yourself but is that where your energy needs to be?

You’re the expert, the leader, the one with the vision. You need to be doing the high payoff work – not the graphics for your next product launch.

These things need to get done, but you are better suited to providing guidance to your marketing consultants and letting them do what they do (likely faster and easier than you) in order to make you look good.

Conversion Is King

Getting more traffic is the right start. But this, in no way, is your focus. The highest priority needs to be getting leads and making conversions. If your strategy just focuses on building a following, you’re missing the biggest piece of the puzzle. Your goals need to be aimed at getting the sale.

Your Promise

A brand goes well beyond a logo. A brand is your promise to customers about how you can solve their problem, what they can expect from you, and how you can continue to help them. In the marketing world, your brand is your firm handshake.

As such, you want some experts to take a look at what you have to offer and shine the brightest spotlight possible on it. You want to make an emotional connection with people and that often requires clarity of purpose – something marketing consultants help you to achieve.

Analyze And Adapt

Goals are needed but analyzing them is where the payoff is. Every objective needs metrics and time should be spent analyzing the effects of your efforts. Discarding what isn’t working and enhancing what is on a regular basis gets you the fastest results. Focus needs to be given not just to achieving the objective but also to how well it was achieved. Marketing consultants provide this focus for you. A good consultant has the experience to say, “Yeah, that was good, but it could be better. And here’s how.”

When you hire a great marketing consultant it makes a big statement about the value you place on your business. And the biggest benefit? It might allow you to become your own CEO once again.